Things can sometimes pop up when spray tanning men

Things can sometimes pop up when spray tanning men

Written by Nicola Scott

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Heres a great excerpt from a blog post i was reading about spray tanning men. I thought it was quite funny.

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Men make up about 30 percent of my clientele. Most of them are straight guys who got dragged along for their girlfriend’s appointment and start coming back for their own work. They always want to go superlight, so no one (especially women) will be able to tell. It’s a shame they have no sense of subtlety in other areas. Something about being naked in front of a woman on her knees makes most men act like stupid frat boys.

Recently, I had a filthy-rich investment banker come in with his pregnant wife. While I was spraying him (as she waited outside), he popped a boner. The worst part was that he wasn’t the least bit embarrassed. He said, “Sorry, it’s not you; it’s your breasts that are turning me on.” It’s times like these when I think, What the hell am I doing this for? But then I remind myself: I’ve got an amazing business that makes women’s butts look smaller. How many people can say that?

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I am Nicola Scott. I help salons & Mumtrepreneurs become spray tan pros I live in Ripon which is in the heart of the Yorkshire dales. As well as juggling a busy family life, I also run & write this blog I'm currently developing a training program for beauty therapists wishing to enter the world of spray tanning.

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  1. Jane Swiers Says:

    It’s funny what can sometimes pop up when doing treatments on men. We have a male therapist & when we get calls out of the blue we automatically book them in with Adam.

  2. Greg Says:

    So I got a professional spray tan for a white elephant xmas gift. I’m thinking of going, but do the majority of men go naked or with tighty-whities? Not sure I am comfortable being completely naked while some woman sprays my junk.

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