The best spray tan you have never tried

The best spray tan you have never tried

Written by Nicola Scott

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clear spray tan

spray tan doesn’t have to be tinted

I am really going to go against the flow here & tell you about a little known spray tan available that sprays better than any other tan, doesn’t stain cloths, leaves no residue on skirting boards & won’t stain wallpaper. It is little known and very rarely used, less than 1% of UK spray tanners use it,yet it is possibly the best spray tan you have never used.

Clear spray tan, looks like water and is wonderful to use. The benefits of clear spray tan are:
  1. Without instant bronzers the tan will only turn dark when it comes into contact with skin, apart from a few natural materials (such as silk) a clear tan will not stain, cloths, carpets, underwear, rooms etc.
  2. Sprays on smoother, airbrushes seem to love clear tan, they spray smoother, finer & don’t clog up as easily
  3. The tan is less sticky, in fact the tan is substantially less sticky, perfect for sleeping in
  4. Dries quicker than any tan with instant bronzers. Even in higher %’s of DHA it will still dry twice as fast as conventional tinted spray tans
  5. Kinder to skin. No instant bronzer means substantially less ingeredients
  6. N need for Parabens. Parabens are the artificial sweetener of the spray tanning world. The first thing to go off in a tan is the instant bronzer.
  7. Lasts 5 times longer. DHA can last for a very long time without going off however instant bronzers if not kept correctly can turn after just 3 months,you never open a tan & find it has turned green again.
  8. No more green or orange looking tans. Just as foundation makeup needs to be colour matched to your skin, so does instant bronzer, a tan that may look perfect on one person may look orange on another.
  9. Magic moments all day. There is something truely magical about catching yourself in a mirror as the day goes on & seeing yourself get steadily darker.
  10. No more tan down the plughole. An instant bronzer will make the base tan look darker initially, but as soon as you step in a shower the water turns brown & the depth of colour just runs away. Many clients think the tan has totaly washed off, even though they have a perfect tan it is just the instant change in colour that makes them beleive they are lighter than they are.

So why do the vast majority of spray tan technicians not use clear. Ussually it is down to 1 single factor.

Some spray tan technicians are (sometimes rightly) not confident in their routine. They think without the instant bronzer they will miss areas. Even with no instant bronzer you can still easily see where you have been. Try it for yourself. Next time you are performing a spray tan just try it with water. Think of it as a real spray tan, see how easy it is to see the shimmer of wet skin, feel how easy the & freely the airbrush seems to move over the body.
The other confidence issue with some spray tanners is they are worried their clients will need to walk out the salon looking tanned, whilst this is true if say the client was heading straight out, but if they don’t need a tan in the next couple of hours this will be far outweighed by the “Magic Moments” they will get every time they look in the showe. Most of the resistance to using a clear tan comes from what the technician perceives feels the client may think, rather than what they actualy think.
That said, a clear tan is not for everyone, if you are just starting out & are not 100% confident with your spray tanning, then stick to tinted, however if you have been tanning for years what have you got to loose? You don’t need to change overnight just try it on a few clients. Beleive me once the client is hooked they will never go anywhere else (as knone else does it).
Unless you have tried a 12% DHA clear tan, free from Parabens (to preserve the instant bronzers) & alcohol (to make the bronzers dry) then you really can’t say to any client that what you use is the best tan available.
Clear spray tan is the best tan you have never tried.
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I am Nicola Scott. I help salons & Mumtrepreneurs become spray tan pros I live in Ripon which is in the heart of the Yorkshire dales. As well as juggling a busy family life, I also run & write this blog I'm currently developing a training program for beauty therapists wishing to enter the world of spray tanning.

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