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Q & A Where do I get spray tan training in my area?

24 February 2014


spray tan Q and A

I always like to share questions with others & this is one I get all the time. This question comes from Carrie in North Wales.

“Hi ,I am extremely interested in your system for my beauty salon. .I’m in North
Wales Prestatyn. Do you provide a training service with your kits. I would be
keen to train myself and my staff. look forward to your reply, Carrie.”

Now I did (for several years) train spray tanning, but decided a couple of years back to concentrate more on offering help & advice to tanners & tanning companies. I am currently developing a revolutionary interactive online training scheme based around my book “Spray Tanning- A Guide to Success”.

My advice is that you find a good independent course (one that won’t force you too buy their machine or solution) a few of the big (& not so big) manufacturers offer training, but you are often pressured, & sometimes forced into buying their machine, which are often generic machines available elsewhere at a fraction of the price.

Of course there will always be those out there who just like the assurance they get from buying a machine & being trained by a well known brand.

However if you are the sort of person who prefers to shop locally then you might want to consider using a local training center. They should be happy to train you on any machine.

The Beauty Guild website is a great place to start searching for training in your area however not all independent schools will be affiliated to The Guild, so it may be worth asking other therapist who live locally.

The Guild

here is a link to search for training providers in your area.

What do you think?
Do you prefer independent training providers or training provided by larger tanning companies?

Leave a comment below or share your vote on twitter.

If you think independent spray tanning schools are the way to go press here.
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If you believe a spray tanning company is better suited to offering training press here.
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If you have any more questions or comments feel free to get back to me or tweet me @spraytanpro

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